Five Smooth Stones

Ever wonder why David stopped at the brook and chose five smooth stones before facing Goliath? Why five? We know that only one was used, so why not more, or maybe less? Let’s take a few minutes and take a closer look. 

We are all very familiar with the biblical story of David and Goliath. David was sent to check on his brothers so that he may bring news of them and of the battle back to his father. Upon arriving, he was quite surprised at was going on. He could not believe that someone would be so bold to insult God and His people. This did not set well with David. After looking around, he decided he would face the giant. He went to King Saul and told him that he would face Goliath. King Saul was somewhat taken back by this young man’s courage. When David was asked what he would do, David replied with three interesting prospectives:

1. He had assessed the situation 

2. He remembered how God had helped him in the past when facing a lion and a bear

3. He was trusting in God to face a new giant

King Saul offered him battle gear, but David new his strength and protection was with God and not with man’s ability or might. Upon his way to face Goliath, David stopped by a brook and chose five smooth stones. You might ask, “why five?” The number 5 is very significant in the Bible. It is the number associated with Grace, but it goes much deeper than that. Look at it this way:

Stone 1 – Comfort

Stone 2 – Hope

Stone 3 – Trust

Stone 4 – Strength 

Stone 5 – Faith

Though only one stone was used, I believe David carried with him Comfort, Hope, Trust and Strength. The stone that was used to kill Goliath was FAITH.

How are you facing your giants? Are you trusting in man and his ability, or are you trusting in God and His abilities? With God you can rest assured knowing that you have Comfort, Hope, Trust, Strength and the Faith needed when facing your Giants!

Press Toward The Mark

From the moment we are born, we are programmed to set goals. In our early years these goals are placed on us by someone. As we grow, we start setting goals for ourselves. Some we reach, others we do not. 

We all strive for greatness in this life, but what about our Christian life? Are we content with just going through the motions, or are we striving for greatness?

Philippians 3:14

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Mankind does great things every day. I believe God wants us to do so much more. I believe He wants us to do the impossible. 

Matthew 14:22-29

In these few verses, God gives us three conditions for anyone wanting to do the impossible. All three conditions must be met if we are to succeed. 

1. We must ask. 

As simple as that, we must first ask. Notice what Peter said in vs 28, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.” Not only did he ask, but he was specific in what he asked. 

2. Don’t let conditions get in the way. 

Peter did not let the storm dictate his progress. Nothing was going to prevent him from walking on water. If you are waiting on the time, or the conditions to be right, you will never do the impossible. 

3. ACT

Easy in theory, difficult in reality. It would not have mattered, and we would have never known that Peter asked,and looked beyond the circumstances if he had stayed on the boat. The impossible became the possible when Peter put his trust in God and stepped out of the boat. 

Yes! You can do the IMPOSSIBLE!