Becoming A Two Mile Christian 

What does it mean to be a Two Mile Christian? It is believed that the Persians started the law of Two Miles. Anyone on the King’s business could con-scribe anyone of their choosing and force them to go one mile in service to the King. Anyone not complying with this law could be killed. When Rome became the super power, they inacted this same law. Ceaser took it one step further. Anyone on Ceaser’s business could force someone to go a mile on his behalf, then after a mile, they would let you rest then force you to go another mile. Rest, then another mile. This would continue as long as they deemed necessary. It was quite possible you would never be seen again.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:41 “And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.” (NKJV) Jesus is telling us to go the extra mile willingly, on our on accord. When we start to do only the minimal requirements, we limit the “Power of God” in our own life. We start to look for shortcuts and we chisel away at our true potential. We start to allow others to pick up our slack and we become complacent in our spiritual life. What if God only done the minimal for us? What if His Grace and Mercy was a one time deal? How would we feel? Where would we be at today if this was God’s attitude towards us? If we willing do not achieve to be better than average, how can we ever show Christ in our lives to a lost and dying world? We must become 2 Mile Christians. Here are three areas of our life that we must consciously strive each day to go the extra mile:

1. At Home

Being a 2 Mile Christian must start at home. If it doesn’t start at home, it won’t happen when we leave the house. Go the extra mile for those we love

2. For Others

If we can not go the extra mile for those we love, how can we be expected to do it for others

3. At Work

Ask yourself this, can people see God in you by the way you work? If not, you are not going the second mile.

Jesus starts Matthew 5 with the Beatitudes. He is telling us what to be so that we’ll know what to do. We are human beings, not human doing. Start today being a 2 Mile Christian.

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