How can I help my church grow?

There is a lot of information available on how to grow a church. How a church can advertise and make its presence known in the community, but what can I do as an individual to help my church grow?

1. Know what your church has to offer

Have a general knowledge of what your church has to offer. You may not attend or be involved in every aspect of your church, but take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with what your church has to offer. From children to teens, to young adults and seniors. The more you know about your church, the more people will be interested.

2. Do not pressure people

One of the biggest problems people make is trying to pressure someone into going to church. Be excited about telling someone about your church, but understand that they most likely do not feel the same way. Often times we here that someone was “made” to go to church when they were young and now that they are “older”, they choose not to go. Let them see your excitement, but don’t pressure them. 

3. Look for opportunities to tell others about your church.

See if your church has business size information cards you can pass out. For example, you can leave one with your tip at a restaurant. Another opportunity is to place one on a information board for others to see. If your church has a social media page, share their post onto your page, etc… The opportunities are endless.

4. Invite someone today

Start out by setting a goal to tell one person a week about your church. Before you know it, you will become one of your church’s best advertisement. It all starts with telling one!

I Love My Church!

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